May 14, 2013

  • pre-imagined reality

    I  think I’m starting to have a little trouble differentiating my memories of events from the anticipation and  come-to pass-expectations of  things that possibly never actually even happened.

April 23, 2013

  • Now is over


    Ideally the moments could be put on pause
    and rewound and lived again,
    but then the moments would lose their cause
    and the story would never end

    It would forever be re-written
    dissected by chapter and verse
    and a deluge of discrepancies unhidden
    and the telling would only get worse

    Much better that now is quickly done,
    more hurried and pat than the telling,
    it gives you some time for a little fun
    before deciding which parts you’re selling



    She invited me to meet her
    in some neutral mid-location
    to discuss our mutual future
    and declare our avocation
    and while I was enchanted,
    I had to burst her bubble
    I knew her view was slanted,
    as to go to that much trouble,
    and she hadn’t seen the person
    behind the prattling words–
    I might have been rehearsing
    my audition for the birds.

    Temptation of Immolation

    A fevered dream begun in grudging pain
    enticed me to another way of thought.
    I turned my heart away from selfish gain
    for that is what I knew the prophet taught.

    When the dream was gone I awoke renewed
    but I was young, and that was quite normal,
    and my life hadn’t changed because I knew
    dream enticements are never made formal.


    Mind the Wind

    The winds are named for where they come from
    no matter where they would go,
    they travel in swirls
    like preoccupied girls
    until they fade in a soft, gentle snow

    And the skies are named for the clouds they contain
    and the light they allow to shine through,
    they’re always up there
    and they don’t really care
    they just do what the wind tells them to

    Yes, the wind has a voice and it speaks to the trees
    and the mountains take shape with its flow,
    but we don’t know the words
    so we emulate the birds
    and we wonder at how the winds blow

    (at the zoo)

    there are all kinds of animals that don’t live around here
    like birds that can’t fly and peculiar looking deer
    and they act just like prisoners in the penitentiary do,
    they’re like, “what’re you looking at?… what’s the matter with you?”
    when, probably, they are one thing that I could not be,
    contented… with no illusion of ever being free



    Besides That

    There’s nothing I’d like more than to just run after you
    but I don’t feel like inflicting all this mess I’m going through
    and you shouldn’t have to worry about what I am going to do
    I believe I’m too unpredictable for that

    I cannot make decisions when the choices all feel wrong
    and I don’t know much about living except for making it a song
    but you’ve been seeing me through rose-colored lenses all along
    and I think I’m much more colorful than that

    But if you feel like coaxing me to climb out of my hole
    you’d have my genuine gratitude as well as some control
    but forget any ideas designed to save my immortal soul
    I’m sure I’m much too damnable for that


February 1, 2013

November 3, 2012

September 5, 2012

August 15, 2012

  • I never really knew

    My whole life I’ve been wondering what to do

    that means, at no point in my life had I ever truly known

      byreasoning it out, I have almosst always been shown; you see,I go with the flow,  and I can never surely know which way the flow will go



    I do make great excuses S0, I’m not a total  failure.


August 12, 2012